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Jordi Puigvert

While maintaining a profound respect for tradition, Jordi Puigvert has developed some interesting technical improvements in the art of pastry.

He is the author of the book, “Evolution. Techniques and ingredients for modern pastry”, published by our editorial team at Group Vilbo. It contains a very well presented discussion about updating pastry cooking through interesting technical innovations. There is also a rigorous study of the processes and recipes in classical pastry that he developed through his three professional lines of work: as a technician in the research of new applications for ingredients for major commercial firms; his teaching practice at the School of Hospitality in Girona; and as head of his own international consulting firm, Sweet’n Go.

One of his great obsessions is for finding applications for the new generation of ingredients in pastry cooking to simplify and improve creative processes as well as supporting the preservation of basic components such as meringues, mousses, gels, etc.

His other great preoccupation, which probably has its roots in the time he spent as a cook and from his time at Espai Sucre, is the inclusion of the best combinations of flavours in all types of desserts.

From September 2013 he will become a visiting teacher in the course schedule of the Chocolate Academy at Gurb in Spain.

Bio Highlights

2006 – Owner of Sweet’n Go, a company dedicated to training, assessment and demonstrations in the field of pastry cooking in restaurants and pâtisseries

2006 – Teacher in the Escola d’Hostaleria i Turisme de Girona (School of Hospitality and Tourism in Girona)

2013 – Publication of the book, Evolution. Techniques and ingredients for modern pastry.

2013 – Visiting professor at the Chocolate Academy and EPGB

“Through the knowledge of ingredients which traditionally had not been associated to artisan pastry, I have developed interesting techniques to adapt traditional recipes to contemporary times”
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