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Books For Chefs Catalogue Gregory Doyen

Sweet Concepts by Gregory Doyen, now available exclusively at Books For Chefs / Review

Sweet Concepts by Gregory Doyen, now available exclusively at Books For Chefs / Review
March 12, 2024
Ana Rodríguez
Books For Chefs Catalogue Gregory Doyen

French pastry chef Gregoy Doyen is one of those professionals who practically needs no introduction. With almost 425,000 followers on Instagram, master classes around the world, and more than 20 years of experience in the sector in prestigious establishments such as Le Grand Vefour, Potel et Chabot, Hediard and Mandarin Oriental, the chef surprised in 2021 with the launch of his first and successful book, Sweet Concepts, which quickly sold out. A book that has now been reprinted and from March 11 can be purchased exclusively in our online bookstore, Books For Chefs, since we have acquired the exclusive rights.


Discover Sweet Concepts

Chef Gregory Doyen

“My first memory of making a cake was at the age of 10. I had cooked an 8 cm tall chocolate cake that obtained its full magnificence as I had added a hen made of powdered sugar on top of it. I had realized for the first time how important design was to me. Since then, I haven’t stopped my research for beauty and taste in all my creations. With this book, I am opening the world of my pastry creations by sharing with you my best realizations from idea to conception. I am also disclosing all my know-how with the techniques that I have developed in order to achieve beautiful pastry that also sells well. The recipes were done during my experiences all over the world and they match with local and international tastes,” explains Doyen.


45 recipes and 220 sub-recipes


With a simple and effective approach, Sweet Concepts reflects the essence of Doyen’s pastry, which is based on three concepts: simplicity and ease of understanding, quality and organic ingredients, and design and a modern approach.

Available in English, it contains:

  • 45 exclusive recipes and 220 sub-recipes divided into four categories: mini sweets, individual cakes, entremets, and festive cakes
  • 20 step-by-step technical guides
  • Beautiful pictures and detailed sketches with architecture of the pastry
  • A reminder of all basic techniques
  • Tips and notes from GD
  • Stories behind the creations
  • Testimonials by several famous chefs

Discover Sweet Concepts