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Books For Chefs Catalogue Ju Chamalo

Mes Flans Pâtissiers by Ju Chamalo, now in two volumes and in English / Review

Mes Flans Pâtissiers by Ju Chamalo, now in two volumes and in English / Review
February 16, 2024
Ana Rodríguez
Books For Chefs Catalogue Ju Chamalo

Ju Chamalo’s passion for flans does not wane, in fact it grows more and more every day. So much so that he has just released volume 2 of his successful book, Mes Flans Pâtissiers. Although both volumes are originally written in French, you can find them in English exclusively in our online bookstore, Books For Chefs.


Discover Mes flans pâtissiers 1, 2


Who is Ju Chamalo?

Ju Chamalo, who works in a large banking group, has an Instagram account dedicated to flans with more than 70,000 followers.

After having tried flans from practically all the maisons in Paris, he decided to embark on the adventure of making them, acquiring a great knowledge that has led him to present them in a wide range of flavors and shapes. Additionally, he has collaborated with the pastry shop, Tartelettes, and with Desty Brami, executive pastry chef at Château de Ferrières.


Volume 1: Fifty classic and original recipes

In this first volume, Chamalo proposes fifty flan recipes, from traditional vanilla to fruity, including flavors such as pistachio praline.

It is divided into four sections: classic flans (vanilla, chocolate, caramel, coffee, coconut, and pistachio), ‘insert’ flans (tatin, piña colada, hazelnut, vanilla fig…), original flans (cookie, popcorn, cinnamon, speculoos, banana…) and flans in collaboration with chefs Desty Brami, Arnaud Ryckebush, and Julie Trespeuch.


Volume 2: Recipes inspired from around the world

In this second book, Chamalo offers another fifty recipes, made from trips in search of the perfect flan. As he himself explains, “since My Flans Pâtissiers, I’ve already had a few recipes in mind, and then I’ve been lucky enough to meet people all over France and the world who are as passionate as I am about this delicacy, which has helped generate new ideas for creations. In this second volume, you will discover new recipes inspired by elements from near and far.”

Here we find classic flans (roasted vanilla, ultra chocolate, marbled chocolate vanilla, and salted butter caramel), a very long list of original flans (mojito, Breton flan, strudel, pumpkin, anko, matcha, and more) and again collaborations with Adèle Doublet , bakery-pâtisserie Babka Zana, Village Gastronomique of Dijon, Maison Garnier Hotel in Biarritz and Art’è Gustu Festival in Bonifacio.


 Full of Pedagogical material 

One of the great attractions of these volumes is their pedagogical nature. The recipes contain numerous tips and tricks, as well as step-by-step instructions. And not only that, they also have a section dedicated to the pastry dough.


Discover Mes flans pâtissiers 1, 2