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The beginning of a new story: so cool.. magazine 1

Books For Chefs Catalogue ice cream

December 6, 2023
Luis Concepción
Books For Chefs Catalogue ice cream
The beginning of a new story: so cool.. magazine 1

At Grupo Editorial Vilbo and our publishing label, Books for Chefs, we have always taken something as festive and creative as ice cream very seriously. So much so that we are on our way to celebrating 40 years of publishing the best ice cream magazine in Spanish, Arte Heladero. Furthermore, and simultaneously, we have been publishing so good.. magazine since 2008, which has given us the opportunity to champion a very exclusive magazine model with the best signature pastries.

The convergence of these two paths is called so cool..magazine. An international publication, published annually, gathering the most avantgarde works in ice cream, both those which are innovative in terms of technique and those that simply break the mold in terms of creativity.

Our experience in sweet gastronomy has given us the opportunity to be privileged witnesses of a notable and constant evolution in ice cream making, which has led it directly to its stage of maturity today. A stage in which we want to be a part of, with a magazine that is the same level as a product and a trade in which the demand has increased exponentially, and in which the technique and presentation formats continue evolving. Thus begins a golden age of enlightenment where the old models of an ice cream linked to the oral transmission of knowledge and a static conception of tradition are being overcome. All this is being left behind, while the enormous potential of a product that is as gastronomic as it is versatile, and as technical as it is creative, opens up.

With the launch of this first issue, we open the first page of a new story, as Emmanuel Ryon would say, in which everything remains to be said and done. An exciting story that begins in this first edition throughout 19 great articles, signed by 22 collaborators from all over the world.


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