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SG#28. What is surprising is that we continue being surprised

After 27 issues of so good over a decade and a half, after enjoying absolutely innovative exercises in style, creators who set trends in their formats, concepts and techniques, the question is this: Is there anything left to be surprised by? And to our delight -and we hope yours too- the answer is a resounding yes.

Keeping an eye on the latest trends, finding out how to satisfy a changing consumer who has become increasingly aware of the threats that surround us and have adopted certain values, can turn the possibility of being surprised into an impossible mission. But the main exponents of modern pastry around the world continue to do so.


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The oven prevails over the freezer, bakery products continue to gain positions in Parisian maisons and in the most luxurious showcases around the world. We were able to confirm it in so good #28 with the works of figures such as Maxime Frédéric and Romain Dufour. The evolution in formulation techniques has in Jordi Bordas and his team one of the best exponents of the extent to which chemical and technical knowledge of formulation gives wings to our creativity.

Aesthetics, sometimes playful, other times more elegant and original, but always putting flavor first, convinces in the hands of chefs like Kirsten Tibballs (on the cover of the issue), François Galtier or Dimitris Economides. The Japanese artistic spirit embodied in cakes of all sizes characterizes Tomonari Kombu, and Yusuke Aoki‘s crazy parfait elevates the glass dessert to the category of a Baroque jewel. The rationality of Francesco Boccia and the notes of the second part of Spyros Pediaditakis‘s Notebook extend our journey without missing out on the ideas that inspire them or the techniques used.

Great patisseries with young trajectories such as the one developed by Samira Saade under the orders of Antonio Bachour, the Belgian emblem of modern pastry by Marc Ducobu, the wise reflections on taste and emotion by Philippe Conticini, or the non-conformist stories of three female chefs in Chicago will keep your attention piqued throughout the more than 300 pages of the latest issue of so good.

And if you still have energy left, you can pay tribute to the classics of plated desserts at the hands of Maxime Maniez, discover Rémi Montagne‘s formal and sub zero originality, enjoy Ju Chamalo‘s flans, and realize that a good sourdough deserves an entire library. How much more can we be surprised?


Discover all the #sogood28 contents