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Marc Ducobu

A member of Relais Desserts, his shop has become one of the most important temples of Belgian chocolate and pâtisserie.

Since 2001, the Belgian, Marc Ducobu, is entitled to belong to a select group of Ambassadors of Belgian Chocolate, which he earned after winning the Le Prosper Montagnier competition. Without doubt, this recognition is well-deserved, as he has demonstrated in his pâtisserie, chocolaterie and glacerie, “Ducobu”, in Waterloo, a spectacular temple of sweetness full of elegant personality.

Bio Highlights

2001 – Wins Le Prosper Montagnier. He becomes an Ambassador of Belgian Chocolate

2003 – Opens Ducobu in Waterloo

2003 – 3rd prize in the World Pastry Cup of Lyon, Team Belgium

2008 – 2nd prize in the World Pastry Team Championship

2008 – Member of Relais Desserts

“Pushing your own limits will always make you stronger”
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