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Jordi Bordas

Winner of the Pastry World Cup in Lyon in 2011, he runs his family business in Viladecans (Barcelona) and has developed B·Concept pastry making Method

A formulation method that provides each chef the freedom to make the most of the ingredients used and adapt them to the chosen production system. This is how B-Concept works, the training proposal that the Catalan chef Jordi Bordas takes around the whole world. Ambassador of important firms of ingredients such as Felchlin, Ravifruit and Elle & Vire, he has also opened a training classroom alongside the family pastry shop that he has in Barcelona.

Bio Highlights

2011 – Winner of the World Pastry Cup in Lyon

2014 – Launch of B·Concept Method

2021 – Publication of his book Healthier lighter and tastier pastry

“Healthier products, alternative ingredients and 100% comitted to the intensity of flavor”
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