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21 Easter Eggs to dream about

Plated egg, stiff peaks, laminated … this Easter, pastry chefs approach the egg from all its facets. Once again, this holiday becomes an unbeatable opportunity to show talent, originality and trendsetting. Thus, apart from the “eggs”, we also find beehives, race cars, sea animals, teapots, creatures inspired by Japanese folklore, among others.

Here is our suggestion of a tour of 21 imaginative and detailed Easter eggs with chocolate as the protagonist.


1. Pierre Hermé’s nod to Lucio Fontana. The Oeuf Tagli by Pierre Hermé brings to mind the powerful images of Lucio Fontana’s “Olii” works. The pastry chef pays tribute to this renowned artist of the 20th century that he admires since discovering his ovoidal creation, “Fine di Dio”. Pure Origin Belizean dark chocolate, Cayo District, Xibun Plantation, 64% cocoa. //

Oeuf Tagli Pierre Hermé


2. Yann Menguy serves the egg on the plate. In the Goutte d’Or, the eggs are “au plat”. A delicious entremet, for 6-8 people, that Yann Menguy makes with toasted coconut, crisp Kaffir lime, creamy green lemon, fresh pineapple and light coconut mousse. //

Yann Menguy Oeuf au Plat


3. Cyril Lignac. Les Quicky! Cyril Lignac (so good #11) and Benoît Couvrand (so good #11) put a fun touch to Easter with Les Quicky, in the 66% Noir Caraïbe version or milk. //

Quicky by Lignac and Couvrand



4. Jean-Paul Hévin. Oeuf à la Neige. An original interpretation of the famous French dessert by Jean-Paul Hévin. 68% dark chocolate egg. A superb molding filled with dry fries with dark chocolate and milk and fried with the delicious pralines. //

oeuf à la neige by Hévin



5. Laurent Jeannin. Modernist sculpture in Le Bristol. Laurent Jeannin (so good #16), inspired by Chef Eric Frechon’s Bresse Farm Hen, has produced this exquisite, limited edition 4-kg chocolate sculpture. Golden eggs are settled in a chocolate nest, cooed over by exquisite birds; the nest stands on sculptured chicken legs. The golden eggs are chocolate treasures, each with a new and more surprising filling; Manjari ganache infused with blackberry; chocolate illanka embellished ganache with lemongrass and pure Caribbean crunchy praline, pecan nuts, and passion fruit. //

Laurent Jeannin Easter Egg 2017



6. Oriol Balaguer and his animals. Oriol Balaguer shows his mastery in chocolate with monkeys, snails, deer, bees …. Animals full of details, with which Catalan chef once again shows his versatility and creativity. //

Oriol Balaguer Easter 2017



7. Henri Le Roux. “Vagues Infinies”. Chocolate egg decorated with endless waves that allude to the peace and tranquillity of Japanese culture, but also to Brittany, a maritime region and birthplace of the Maison Henri Le Roux. Conch in 62% “Signature” dark chocolate and three flavors: chocolate yuzu Macha, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. //

Vagues Infinies. Henri Le Roux


8. Spring breaks out in Fouquet. Fouquet announces the arrival of spring with this 72% dark chocolate tree, with small fondant flowers which have been created and placed one by one by the artisans of the maison. //

Arbre Printanier by Fouquet



9. Tea time with François Perret. The pastry chef at the Ritz Paris is inspired by Marcel Proust’s “Swann’s Way” to create this chocolate teapot with a little cupcake lid. //

François Perret Easter 2017



10. The zoo of Raúl Bernal expands. The chef Raúl Bernal continues with his fun, exclusive and particular wildlife that already has many fans. As it shows, this baboon with bulging eyes, with which the chef returns to demonstrate his talent with chocolate figures. //

Raúl Bernal. Easter 2017



11. Alain Ducasse’s laminated egg. Layer over layer of dark chocolate, praline and Feuillantine. A design by Pierre Tachon, which evokes the tablet of Manufacture Alain Ducasse. Ingredients: Cocoa beans 75% minimum, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla pods, fleur de selhazelnuts (hazelnuts praline), lace biscuits. //

Egg 2017 Alain Ducasse



12. Scott Green. Versailles. Versailles, by Scott Green (so good #13, so good #14), sitting in at around 65 lb of chocolate and standing 30″ tall. The egg is chocolate and all of the piping is royal icing. //

Versailles by Scott Green



13. Haute Couture by Jimmy Mornet. This lookalike reel of thread, adorned with red domes reminiscent of seamstresses’ pincushions, reveals a Manjari dark chocolate shell, crispy milky gianduja rock-shaped chocolate and hazelnut praline with a tip of Fleur de sel. A nice tribute to Jeanne Paquin, famous French designer of the late 19th century. //

Jimmy Mornet Easter 2017



14. Miquel Guarro. Nuts or chocolate?  Miquel Guarro turns the classic Easter eggs into believable nuts, not only in appearance but also on the palate, like this piece that has been basted on the inside with previously caramelized pistachio. //

Miquel Guarro Easter 2017



15. The hive of the Prince de Galles. Stephanie Quellec and Nicolas Paciello are the creators of this spectacular hive hung in pure Ecuador chocolate with floral notes. In its interior six honeycombs are hidden six honeycomb mint tablets decorated with honey of three varieties: a Miel d’acacia millésime 2015 of Fontainebleau, a Honey of Tilleul millésime 2015 of the Foret of Chantilly and a Honey of Bruyère blanche millésime 2015 of Cévennes. //

Prince de Galle Paris Eastee 2017



16. La Maison du Chocolat. The story of Lapin, Plume, Mouton and Vache. Chef Nicolas Cloiseau revisits his bestiary this year and proposes four endearing characters in La Maison du Chocolat. Mounsieur Lapin, a morsel of grated coconut almond praline, Mademoiselle Plume, a morsel of almond praline and hazelnuts with caramelized biscuits, Mister Mouton, a morsel of almond praline mousse with crêpe dentelle, and Miss Vauche, a morsel of almond praline mousse. //

Maison du Chocolat Easter 2017



17. Pākaï by Dalloyau. Pākaï eggs are small fantasy creatures inspired by Japanese folklore: Mujina (Chocolat Noir 72% pure origine Madagascar) and Bakeneko and Usagi (Chocolat au Lait 43% pure origine Madagascar), thanks to Yann Brys (so good #8). //

Dalloyau Easter 2017



18. Saray Ruiz. Under the sea. Saray Ruiz (so good #13), the teacher of the EPGB goes into the sea to “chocolatefy” turtles and other animals characteristic like this colorful ray, which stands out for its detail. //

Saray Ruiz. Sea Easter 2017



19. Michaël Bartocetti. Pixel Art. Pastry Chef Michaël Bartocetti has drawn inspiration from his childhood, namely the golden age of Pixel Art, which he has managed to condense into Easter eggs for Shangri-La Hotel, Paris. “Megapixel” plays with color: it enrobes its delicate shell in Jivara 40% milk chocolate, and this is coated with a fine layer of white chocolate with a very spring-like green, delicate yellow and a stronger coral. “Gigapixel” on the other hand has an exceptionally long finish, with its strong 66% Caribbean black chocolate and a hint of grilled dried fruit, round, spiced and lightly woody and it also comes in a Jivara 40% milk chocolate version for milk chocolate lovers. //

shangri-la egg 2017


20. Arnaud Larher. Ready for the race! In Arnaud Larher (so good #7) three race cars of 70% dark chocolate with a milk chocolate base have arrived. Fritures in white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and filled with praline. //

Arnaud Larher Easter 2017


21. Michel Cluizel. Clo Clo Clo! High-end chocolate has been used in this hen and her chicks, 39% milk chocolate. The small pieces are coated with crunchy praline. //

Poulet by Michel Cluizel