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Miquel Guarro

Miquel Guarro has positioned himself as one of the most interesting promises of Spanish patisserie at a young age with his brilliant career. Having trained alongside great professionals who have influenced him in his career (Josep Maria Guasch, Carles Mampel, Nuño Garcia …), his latest phase, his time at the brothers Torres’ starred restaurant, Dos Cielos, in Barcelona, stands out and, his role as a chef for the firm Cacao Barry , and professor at the Chocolate Academy in Spain. The title for Spain’s Best Chocolatier (the Lluís Santapau trophy) in 2013 deserves a special mention. Miquel Guarro is also part of the Colectivo 21 Brix.

Bio Highlights

2010 – Gold Medal, junior category, Chocolate Showpieces Contest at Barcelona’s Museu de la Xocolata

2013 – Trophy Lluís Santapau to Best Chocolatier of Spain

“The dizzying career of this young chef always stays close to design, creativity, innovation and also a playful way of understanding aesthetics in patisserie and chocolate”
so good.. magazine #15

Featured in so good #15 and so good #13