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Twelve top pastry chefs will visit Hangar 78 during the first half of 2018

The kick-off for the 2018 training calendar of Hangar 78 will be by Johan Martin, the most wanted chef on our website in 2017, with a class on Éclairs and Viennoiseries that is already full.

And this is just the beginning of a program of courses featuring internationally renowned chefs, from many geographical locations, such as the Spanish chefs Raúl Bernal and Jordi Puigvert, who will exhibit their talent on Subjects of Easter in Chocolate and Plated desserts respectively; Gérard Taurin, MOF Glacier from Normandy, who will explore Gastronomic Ice Cream; the Italian chef Andrea Tortora, with three Michelin stars, who will develop a class around Breakfast and Inspiration, or Joakim Prat, with his own pastry shop in London, who will teach all the possibilities Pâte à Choux has.

Lovers of the French haute pâtisserie can get an in-depth look through the creations, style, and philosophy of four great exponents: Yann Couvreur (March 19- 20 March), Yann Brys (June 11-13), who collaborated at so good #8 and the next so good #19, and Philippe Conticini (June 14- 15).

Three important female pastry chefs will also be in attendance. Cécile Farkas with her entremets and petits gateaux, Marike Van Beurden with her plated desserts, and Nina Tarasova with her magical pastry.