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Nina Tarasova

Her colourful style stands out, a French-inspired style and fruitful production within the emerging Russian pastry scene. Active on social networks, Nina Tarasova’s passion for the trade is her main asset as an international consultant. With notebook in hand, she is always drawing new sketches for creations and jotting down ideas in the most unsuspecting places and times of the day. For her, this is the best way to dealing with the obsession she feels for a profession she cannot stop thinking about. It is precisely this enthusiastic nature, her constant collaborations with other professionals, and her classes in pastry schools worldwide which are true catalysts for the new generation of Russian pastry chefs, a profession mostly dominated by women in that country.
She works with a wide range of registers, but they are always based on a very French point of reference. A new recipe without a detailed blueprint of its interior is inconceivable; for her, this is of utmost importance.

Bio Highlights

June 2011 – School of Alain Ducasse

2 July 2012 to 24 August 2012 – France, Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Patisserie

September-November 2012 – Practical experience at Patisserie Nicolas Pepin Lyon

June-July 2013 – France, Ecole Ferrandi Paris

April 2013 – France, Ecole Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil Paris

Marth 2014 – France, Ecole Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil Paris

October 2011-present – Consulting for the pastry shops, cafes, restaurants, bakeries in the World

“For me France is not only a country that brought a food into the cult and art, not just a place of quality products and famous Pastry Chefs… but it’s the country of my soul”
so good.. magazine #15

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