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L’École Valrhona Brooklyn programs 25 exclusive pastry classes for 2018

Antonio Bachour Derek Poirier École Valrhona Brooklyn Gianluca Fusto Nathaniel Reid Oriol Balaguer Patrice Demers William Werner

L’École Valrhona Brooklyn programs 25 exclusive pastry classes for 2018

L’École Valrhona Brooklyn has presented its course calendar for 2018, aimed at all pastry professionals that wish to improve specific skills or want to expand their knowledge on certain subjects.

A total of 25 exclusive classes that will be taught by both Valrhona Corporate Pastry Chefs and recognized pastry chefs from around the world. Among them, we highlight Oriol Balaguer who will return to the center after having been one of the stars invited to its inauguration in 2015. This time he will be there at the end of April as a guest professor with a course in which he will exhibit his signature pastry.

Other usual names in the academic program of Valrhona Brooklyn who will return will be the American chef William Werner, who will present modern pastry; the unbreakable duo Antonio Bachour and Carles Mampel (so good #2, so good #8, so good #13), who will make entremets and petits gateaux; Lincoln Carson and his plated desserts; Gianluca Fusto will give a modern twist on tarts; Nathaniel Reid (so good #11) will focus on travel cakes; or Sarah Tibbetts, who will surprise with beautiful modern buffets.

The list of teachers will be completed with Ron Ben-Israel, Stéphane Tréand, Nicolas Botomisy, Ginger Elizabeth, Derek Poirier, Patrice Demers (so good #13), Greg Mindel, and Philippe Givre.