Best Magazine Of Haute Pâtissere

so good.. #2

Dominique Ansel

January 10, 2010
Dominique Ansel

Number of pages: 196


yann duytsche, … and gastronomic confectionery
alex stupack, creative control
carles mampel, effervescent
christoph lindpointner, a constant challenge
sébastien bouillet, the emperor from lyon
stéphane glacier, commitment and professionalism at its best
michel willaume, “it’s not always a matter of creating new desserts, …”
christophe michalak, “I have a sweet tooth and I’m generous, …”
dominique ansel, balance as a virtue
ewald notter, how sweet it is
koichi izumi, unlimited passion for chocolate
michel bras, “my personal luxury is nature, silence, time…”
joan baixas, renovation
flavio federico, the revitalizer of brazilian pâtisserie
stef aerts, visual strength
josé romero, the value of authenticity
école lenôtre, the temple of gastronomic savoir faire

so good.. #2