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École Valrhona Brooklyn Hazelnut Sarah Tibbetts

Praline Mallomar by Sarah Tibbetts

Praline Mallomar by Sarah Tibbetts

Sarah TibbettsLast August, Sarah Tibbetts, who joined Valrhona as L’École Valrhona Pastry Chef USA in 2012, gave a two-day course at L’École Valrhona Brooklyn on modern buffet, very popular in major events and celebrations of all kinds.

The chef drew on her extensive experience in some of America’s most prestigious hotels and restaurants to meet the objectives of training: exploring the role of flavor and texture in smaller desserts and teaching visually appealing displays with seasonal inspiration.

Attendees, in addition to creating desserts in a small format, including verrines, cakes, petits gateaux, macarons, and various sweets, acquired notions on how to use color and seasonal accents to design a finished buffet.

Praline Mallomar is one of the delicate pieces made during the course, which you can create following the step-by-step instructions that we detail below.

Photos: Alex Ayer Photography

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