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L’École Valrhona Brooklyn

L’École Valrhona Brooklyn

Name of School: L’École Valrhona Brooklyn

Year of Foundation: 2014

Brief History: In 1989 Frédric Bau created L’École Valrhona Brooklyn, a vocational training center in Tain l’Hermitage (France) to help artisan customers’ teams acquire specific technical skills in the pastry and confectionery sectors. In 2014, 25 years later, Valrhona opened its first U.S. Chocolate School Outpost in Brooklyn, New York.
It is an American school with French roots and with the same Valrhona spirit as the other three École Valrhona, located in Tain l’Hermitage, Tokyo, and Paris-Versailles.

Location: 222 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Brief description of its pastry training program: L’École Valrhona in Brooklyn is dedicated to serving chefs as a vibrant and welcoming venue to exchange ideas and share their high level of expertise with one another, while learning to perfect their techniques and discover current and new trends.

During the classes, the two Valrhona corporate chefs or the Valrhona Guests chefs seek to help chefs build their businesses, bring value to their patrons and stay ahead of the culinary curve of trends, techniques and products.

Other facilities: Private classes for chefs and classes for non-professional gourmet enthusiasts.


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