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Cocoa Coffee Hazelnut Lemon so good #30

Fleur de café by Ming Ai Loi

Fleur de café by Ming Ai Loi

Photos: Debic

Ming Ai Loi discovered pastry almost by accident, as he was working in a bakery while planning to direct his steps to his true passion of youth, interior design. Over the years, he immersed himself more deeply in the art of pastry making, until he realized that his work and professional environment did not allow him to grow any further. He felt the need to better understand what was going on in a recipe, the function of each ingredient, why a preparation process followed certain guidelines… Not without harboring certain doubts, he was finally encouraged to travel to Kuala Lumpur to study at the Academy of Pastry & Culinary Arts Malaysia (APCA). From there it was only a few years until he reached the highest place on the podium of the Pastry World Cup.

Together with chef Otto Tay, they opened Voilà a little over a year ago. There, as we say at so good.. magazine 30, he expresses himself freely, searching in his childhood memories and in the rich Asian culinary culture for new sources of inspiration to connect with his customers through a pastry with a solid French base.

We share Fleur de café’s recipe below. A dessert “with a special technique by shaping the sponge into a flower shape without using any mold. The filling is hazelnut cream and lemon marmalade. Then I piped a coffee chantilly on top of it to resemble the flower bud”.