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Ming Ai Loi

The journey of this young professional has taken him to different destinations in both China and Malaysia, before becoming World Pastry Champion in 2019. Just a year earlier Ming Ai Loi also proved his worth with a silver medal in the WACS Global Pastry. His versatility and skills have led him to master both chocolate and sugar, as well as pastry and confectionery in general.

Together with chef Otto Tay, they opened Voilà in 2022. There, he is searching in his childhood memories and in the rich Asian culinary culture for new sources of inspiration to connect with his customers through a pastry with a solid French base.

Bio Highlights

2018 – Silver medal Global Pastry WACS 2019 – Gold Medal Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2022 – Opening of Voilà

“‘I use many local flavors that are memories from childhood’ ”
so good…magazine #30

Featured in so good #22 and so good #30

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