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Gianluca Fusto

Prestigious Italian chocolatier and pastry consultant, known for his careful and minimalist style.

He is one of the major figures of Italian patisserie, a very committed professional with training and with competitions and activities for youngsters, such as the Junior World Pastry Cup. Gianluca Fusto cares of every last detail of all his presentations in a minimalist trend-setting style. He has a particular fondness for working with chocolate.

In 2020 he fulfilled his dream of opening his long-awaited brand new Fusto Milano, in the Lombard capital. A space as unclassifiable as his personality in which he will create and sell pastry products, organize events, research and development of techniques and ingredients will be carried out, and will even serve for recording television programs.

Bio Highlights

2008 – Gianluca Fusto Consulting is founded

2013 – Publication of the book ‘Percorsi: L’universo dolce di Gianluca Fusto’

2015 – Book “Crostate”

2020 – Opening of Fusto Milano

“All the ingredients can find a dialogue with each other; they just need to find a dialect”

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