Best Magazine Of Haute Pâtissere

What do chefs as different as the French chefs Nina Metayer and Christophe Adam, the Ukrainian chef Dinara Kasko, the Chinese chef Zhou Xiaohu, the Argentinian chefs Luciano García and Gonzalo Jiménez, the Colombian chef Melissa Coppel, the Dutch chef Frank Haasnoot, or the Australian chef Kirsten Tibballs have in common?

All of them come together in the new issue of so good..magazine. A very special edition with creations as varied and surprising as a Devil cake in the shape of a bar, a lemon-shaped brioche, a 28 cm éclair, a tree-shaped Saint Honoré, ants encased in amber, a laurel and chocolate bar, a cocoa liqueur and so on, up to fifty creations.

Saint Honoré by Jéremy Del Val
Jérémy del Val’s Saint Honoré

And what do Emmanuel Ryon, Jiho Kim, Matthieu Atzenhoffer, Rasmus Munk, Roberto Cortez, or Jérémy Del Val share? Well, in addition to coinciding with the previously mentioned chefs in this spectacular issue of so good..magazine, they demonstrate their talent and their willingness to share what they know with the sector, aiding in the sector’s, and ultimately everyone’s, growth. 

In addition to individual contributions from personal articles, in so good..magazine #26, we have also gathered two collective reports, two segments to open and close an issue of which we are especially proud. The first is the Saint Honoré Challenge, a challenge that we have posed to the aforementioned Dinara Kasko and Zhou Xiaohu, as well as to Saray Ruiz, professor at the Barcelona Pastry School, and to Jérémy Del Val, pastry chef of the legendary Dalloyau. The second has to do with the launch of the Wholefruit range of chocolates, by Cacao Barry, and the work of a large group of chefs among which we have highlighted Haasnoot, Ryon, Tibballs, Coppel, and Andrey Dubovik and Ronya Belova.