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January 10, 2020

The Melissa Coppel School prepares 23 exclusive courses for 2020

The Melissa Coppel School prepares 23 exclusive courses for 2020

The Melissa Coppel School prepares 23 exclusive courses for 2020


Ana Rodríguez

The Melissa Coppel School, located in Las Vegas, has prepared interesting and varied classes of contemporary pastry, bread, and chocolate by renowned international chefs for 2020.

Without a doubt, chocolate will be the main protagonist of the spectacular training calendar that can be consulted online. Most classes will be taught by Coppel herself and will go in-depth in techniques such as enrobing, spraying and formulation of glossy bonbons and ganache, not forgetting aspects directly related to production. Professionals such as Andrés Lara and Alexandre Bourdeaux will complete the chocolate agenda, with a workshop dedicated to panning and indulgent chocolate snacks; Ramon Morató, who will give an authentic master class on the infinite possibilities and cutting-edge techniques of this ingredient, and Daisuke Yamanouchi with his atypical chocolate bean to bar. In addition, the school will offer an eight-day chocolate boot camp in the summer, with Morató, Lara, Annie Kamin, Coppel and Haasnoot, which has already been completely filled.

In the pastry section, we find Josep Maria Ribé, who will delve into the art of Jams and fat base Spreads like hazelnut and chocolate cream; Frank Haasnoot, author of Prisma, who will share his latest collection of petit gateaux, cakes and chocolate decorations; Enric Monzonis, who will make an exhibition of current Spanish pastry, advocating simplicity and reducing sugar and fat; Wei Loon Tan, a member of the Malaysian team winner of the latest edition of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, who will explain the creative process for creating an artistic sugar showpiece; David Gil, who will reproduce plated desserts from the acclaimed restaurant Tickets, and, finally, Andrés Lara, who will turn cookies into a signature item, will propose a vegan dairy-free offer, and will also prepare frozen treats.

For those who want to expand and improve their knowledge in bakery matters, the center has programmed four unmissable courses: Contemporary Viennese with Bedros Kabranian, Healthy baking with Andrés Lara, Naturally leavened breads with Jorgen Carlsen, and Viennoiserie and Panettone with Daniel Álvarez.

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