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Andrés Lara

Andrés Lara

Currently a creative chef for Cacao Barry in Canada, this young Colombian-American chef has spent the last few years as head of pastry in different restaurants in Singapore. He has also held the reins of the sweet station of the British restauration group Pollen, which spans different Asian countries. Restless by nature, he has taught courses in Asia as a demonstrator of the couverture brands Chocovic and Cacao Barry and has been part of the teaching team of the Chocolate Academy in Tokyo.

His itinerant career in several Asian countries and his concern to learn the latest techniques in cutting-edge pastry has led him to display a personal and refined style, rich in nuances and flavors from different latitudes and which are wisely combined. He also stands out for his ingenuity with frozen desserts, in which he has focused on a lot lately and always surprising with new formats and presentations.

“I love the products that the chef requires to finish them with their own hands and talent”

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