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Daniel Álvarez

“I move masses”, he says in the presentation of his courses, and it is because he has really become a true specialist of puffed and fermented masses. These are the queens of his pastry shop, Dalua, on the Spanish Costa Blanca and the reason why dozens of customers queue up every weekend at noon to be one of the lucky few to try the freshly prepared millefeuilles. Their croissants are so fragile, crisp and aromatic that they have also become another piece that arouses devotion, not to mention their panettone, one of the most studied pieces in his courses. Recently incorporated in the prestigious Relais Desserts, this Spanish chef is about to present a monographic book dedicated to these small baked jewels.

Bio Highlights

2016 – He joins the association Relais Desserts

2017 – Publication of the book Sweet Devotion


“For me, it was an obsession that went so far as to want the customer to eat the millefuille as I would like to eat it, hence the idea of cooking it just before eating it”

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