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10 + 1 reasons not to miss out on so good.. #30

So good.. magazine #30 focuses on the generation of professionals who are in their thirties. They are our thirty-somethings, professionals who have already acquired experience and a sense of responsibility, but who keep their creative capacity and their taste for innovation and renewal intact.

This is a special magazine, not only because of the talented chefs we have brought together, but also because we have slightly varied the design. Need more reasons to not miss out on so good.. #30? 

Here are ten:

So good magazine 30

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1. Cakes designed by artificial intelligence

Ai cake prototype

Dinara Kasko, architect, designer, and pastry chef, could not resist investigating how AI can already be of some use to the profession. In so good #30, she puts before our eyes a sample of the infinite possibilities of this phenomenon, stating  “it is much smarter to take advantage of it to create a unique and unimaginable product”.


2. The use of enzymes to take advantage of all the fruit

Enzymes used on an orange

From Barcelona (Spain), the companies i+Desserts and Gastrocultura Mediterránea, together with the master ice cream maker Albert Soler, review the highlights of the application of enzymes in cold desserts, with surprising results at different levels.


3. Amaury Guichon reveals which chocolate piece has given him the most trouble

Amaury Guichon

In so good #30, Amaury Guichon, the world’s most popular pastry chef with 11.5 million followers on IG, talks about his daily routine, which chefs have inspired him, where he would like to be in ten years, as well as what chocolate piece has caused him more problems when preparing it.


4. The winner of the WCM presents his innovative ‘discs’

Disc by Lluc Crusellas

After becoming the youngest winner of the World Chocolate Masters, Lluc Crusellas gives us a new concept of cakes that is inspired by the traditional filled puff pastry cake but without puff pastry and that is close to the idea of a mille-feuille because of the overlapping of layers, but with a new and fresh air.


5. The magic of wild plants in desserts

Wild plant

Del Noval, who has just started a new professional stage as a consultant and generator of ideas and gastronomic knowledge, returns to the pages of so good.. magazine to demonstrate the many ways that wild plants can also be applied in patisserie, bringing her closer to concepts like sustainability.


6. Three desserts that are drunk and three cocktails that are eaten

The bloody mary by Luis Amado

Mixology and pastry are two worlds that, although they share some similarities in presentation and decoration, follow very different dynamics. In so good #30 we proposed a crazy challenge to the mixologist Yelena Anter and the chocolatier Luis Amado.


7 . Ideas on how to get the most out of glazing

Glaze by Ksenia Penkina

In so good #30, we focus on the particular vision that Ksenia Penkina has on glazing, which she uses to give her creations a bright and colorful finish and also to offer a great personality through different effects. How to achieve success through glazes? How to get them right to generate a better impression on each cake?


8. Juan Gutiérrez will take you to the ‘moon’

Moon by Juan Gutiérrez

The Colombian chef, who rose to fame by winning a TV show, perceives pastry as an artistic expression. You only need to see Moon, one of his favorite desserts, inspired by the book The Little Prince, and composed of a mascarpone mousse, strawberry compote, and lemon crémeux.


9. Chocolate-making techniques on the surface of cakes

Chocolate decoration by Francisco Moreira

Francisco Moreira loves to play with techniques, especially since he works with both confectionery and chocolate. Therefore, he very often tries to merge methods from both worlds. In the creations found in so good #30, he presents an example of a technique used in chocolaterie (enrobing) but in this case, applied to a cake.


10. Edible water

Edible water by Mineko Kato

One of the signature desserts of the pastry chef from Faro (Ginza, Tokyo) is Water on the Rock, designed to be able to ‘eat water’. It gives us a few minutes to face the challenges of the water we usually drink without much thought. The water is flavored with the Tachibana flower, an endangered species.


Bonus track: quality and quantity

And if these ten reasons are not enough for you, here are some details of so good #30 that show that this issue is a showcase of creativity, big names, and techniques:

  • 20 chefs of 14 different nationalities, including seven women pastry chefs
  • A dozen interviews
  • 50 exclusive creations with their corresponding recipes
  • 165 photographs and 312 pages of cakes, desserts, singles, snacks, ice cream, baked dough, sauces, mousses, cocktails…
  • step-by-step instructions, techniques, cuts, details…

Discover So Good #30