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Blanca del Noval

Having a degree in Gastronomic Sciences and Culinary Arts, Blanca del Noval is a versatile chef who for years has been a fundamental part of the BCulinaryLab, a research team at the Basque Culinary Center, located in San Sebastian (Spain). There she focused her attention on the forgotten potential of wild plants, a very interesting ingredient that allows her to expand the range of flavors and also to improve the link between the cook and the pastry chef with the environment in which they work. All this work has even helped her and her colleagues to publish the book Silvestre.

Del Noval has started a new professional stage as a consultant and generator of ideas and gastronomic knowledge.

“Using edible wild plants is not only a culinary issue, but also a cultural, identity, health and biodiversity promotion issue”
So good… magazine #30

Featured in so good #22 and so good #30