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Women chefs gain positions on the so good.. website. We analyze the most viewed content of 2023!

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Women chefs gain positions on the so good.. website. We analyze the most viewed content of 2023!

Once again, and it is now tradition, we say goodbye to 2023 by taking stock of the most viewed content on to see which are your main concerns and interests.

The recipe section has once again been the most consulted, which confirms that chefs are continually looking for inspiration and new techniques. In the articles section, both the rankings of book recommendations and those focused on a specific campaign such as Easter and Christmas have gained positions. Likewise, the reports on AI and chocolate techniques have also garnered views.

Analyzing the statistics, we also see that female chefs are increasingly gaining more admiration. Many of the most viewed contents during 2023 feature professionals who win awards, develop techniques, and experiment.

Focusing on current news, competitions such as Pastry Queen or the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie have attracted many visits to our website, a fact that shows that the sector is hungry for competitions.

The book section is a highlight every year, a section that makes us especially more and more happy, taking into account that the last two publishing releases from Books For Chefs – Remember 28ºC and Mini – have become best sellers on our online bookstore in record time.

On our social networks, on Instagram we have more than 80,0000 followers and on Facebook we have 34,000. In both cases, the recipe posts have generated a lot of interaction. Among the most viewed are the Intense Strawberry Dessert by Juan Gutiérrez and the plated dessert Amalfi by Jesús Camacho.

Thank you very much for your confidence. In 2024, we will continue working to offer you the best content.


The most viewed content of 2023


Easter egg by Yann Brys

Ten essential books on pastry, chocolate, and bakery that remain as relevant as ever

Nine chocolate eggs for a spring-like and magical Easter

Six trend-setting books with the Books For Chefs brand

Trompe l’oeil prevails this Christmas campaign. Seven very realistic Christmas bûches



Guittard Vergres Boiron recipes

How to improve the use of cocoa powder in pastry according to Talia Profet and deZaan

Four recipes to get the most out of the combination of fruit and chocolate by Guittard & Les Vergers Boiron

The rule of three, the creative method of Natalie Eng

Dinara Kasko investigates how AI can be of some use to the pastry



Pastry Queen winners

The Italian pastry chef Ilaria Castellaneta is crowned Pastry Queen 2023

Japan, the perennial runner-up, wins the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2023

Pía Salazar, best Pastry Chef in the World 2023

100 French Pastry Classics by Carl Marletti / Review



Cherry Pistachio chocolate bonbon by Elle Lei

Cherry Pistachio chocolate bonbon by Elle Lei

Lemon flower dessert with yuzu and eucalyptus by Tom Coll

Apple tatin with Lapsang Souchong Caramel, spicy cream, and coconut sorbet by Eunji Lee

Plated dessert Amalfi with lemon, oil and basil by Jesús Camacho



Eunji Lee

Eunji Lee: ‘To open my own pastry shop was my all-time dream’

Cédric Grolet: ‘If pretty, it attracts the customer – if tasty, it keeps them coming back.’

Alexandra Motz: “The art of pastry will continue to grow towards nostalgia and playfulness”

Nicolas Rouzaud: ‘We really got to know our neighbours and have built a strong relationship with them’



Juan Contreras, Johan Martin and Tejasvi Chandela

Juan Contreras

Johan Martin

Tejasvi Chandela