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Plated dessert Amalfi with lemon, oil and basil by Jesús Camacho

Plated dessert Amalfi with lemon, oil and basil by Jesús Camacho

Jesús Camacho is in charge of the Donaire restaurant in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). Although he started out as the head pastry chef, he has recently taken over the entire culinary direction with the aim of turning the gastronomic proposal around and vindicating local products based on his particular creative vision. 

There are three elements that are the hallmark of this chef’s vision. Firstly, he surprises with visually striking proposals, which usually present sinuous lines, color balance, and a special evocative capacity. The second element that Camacho emphasizes in all his creations is the commitment to clear and intense flavors, clearly identifiable and aiming to provide a full taste experience. Finally, as a trained pastry chef, rigor and methodology are paramount. His production is based on meticulousness and regularity, which is achieved by adjusting the formulas and preparation processes as much as possible. 

These three premises are reflected in Amalfi, whose recipe we exclusively share below here at This dessert is inspired by the south of Italy, specifically the Amalfi Coast, where three ingredients abound: lemon, oil, and basil. “Here we wanted to use them by applying different techniques and even doing a juggling act on several occasions to obtain a fresh and full-flavored pre-dessert. It is a dish that has been on the menu for quite some time because it is very popular with our customers”.


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