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Juan Gutiérrez so good #30 Strawberry

Intense Strawberry Dessert by Juan Gutiérrez

Intense Strawberry Dessert by Juan Gutiérrez

Photos: Ivan Raga

Juan Gutiérrez, Executive Pastry Chef for the St Regis Chicago and Corporate Pastry Chef for Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants, perceives pastry as an artistic expression, as a way of explaining to others what his essence is, his way of being and existing. In so good .. magazine 30, we go over his career, from his native Colombia to his success in the USA.

To better understand his style, below we share the recipe for Intense Strawberry, inspired by the strawberries and cream dessert that he used to eat in Colombia when he was young. The interesting thing about this proposal is that he offers the strawberry in multiple forms: sablé, cake, compote, crémeux, and mousse. As he himself explains, ‘when I think of my desserts I describe them as simple but with a lot of layers. I like to focus on one ingredient and show different variations of them. Here we are going to present different techniques using strawberry, but once you taste the whole dish, each one is a complement of the other.’

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