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Dinara Kasko investigates how AI can be of some use to the pastry

Dinara Kasko so good #30

September 20, 2023
Alberto Ruiz
Dinara Kasko so good #30

The world is witnessing with astonishment and some concern the emergence of a phenomenon known as artificial intelligence (AI). We are no longer talking about science fiction or futuristic laboratories, but about a reality that is rapidly sneaking into our lives and is already present, for example, in several mobile applications in our pockets. And this is just the beginning. Dinara Kasko, architect, designer and pastry chef, could not resist investigating how AI can already be of some use to the profession. ‘White shape round sphere liquid waves cake’. This is the instruction she introduced in an AI program called MidJourney, trained to convert any text into images by handling huge amounts of data. And the results, as we see in so good.. magazine #30, are astonishing. Then, logically, these images have to be converted into 3D silicone molds, but it can be said that the basic design was conceived by a robot and not by a human, simply on the basis of a request.

With these tests, Dinara Kasko puts before our eyes a sample of the infinite possibilities of this phenomenon before which, as she explains below, it is useless to close ourselves off and it is much smarter to take advantage of it to create a unique and unimaginable product.

So good magazine 30

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“In response to the query ‘white shape round sphere liquid waves cake’, we selected two sketches and built 3D models based on these ideas”


Making computers, humanity was confident that robots would assist humans in manual labor, but as we see today, artificial intelligence is increasingly displacing humans, particularly in creative professions. Today, without exaggeration, creative professions have encountered the technical revolution of artificial intelligence. Areas that seemed to be solely within the realm of human intellect are now successfully overtaken by computers.

Today, AI can create images faster, cheaper, and more creatively than many photographers, artists, or illustrators. As AI develops and learns, its abilities and possibilities become increasingly impressive. AI demonstrates the ability to generate new ideas, create unusual combinations, and overcome limitations that humans encounter. Music: AI can generate music based on existing patterns, styles, and moods. It can create musical compositions or generate melodies. Literature: AI can generate texts based on large volumes of data and natural language processing algorithms. It can assist in creating articles, news, advertising texts, or even simple narratives. New advancements in machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks provide AI with increasingly broad capabilities and improved abilities.


For this article, I prepared two cakes with a design that we created using Midjourney. We inputted various requests, generating different design options each time. Finally, in response to the query ‘white shape round sphere liquid waves cake’, we selected two sketches and built 3D models based on these ideas. We then 3D-printed plastic molds and cast silicone molds for mousse cakes. Thus, the design that served as the foundation was conceived by AI.

Today, AI represents boundless design possibilities for confectionery products. Of course, there is still a significant challenge in transforming an image into a high-quality 3D model, but there are already services capable of creating simple models from images. I am confident that in the near future, the process of obtaining images and 3D models for production will become much more accessible.

As a designer, I understand that it is extremely challenging to compete with AI. I can see that its influence will transform numerous professions, reshape the job market, and impact the economy. This will lead to the emergence of new types of jobs, changes in required skills, and a reimagining of industries that were once considered exclusively human. Whether one likes it or not, whether it is embraced or rejected, one thing is clear: humans cannot hinder technological progress. I believe that in the near future, AI will become as commonplace as mobile phones, the internet, or digital cameras, which seemed like fantasies just a few decades ago. It is futile to deny the significance of AI; it is better to intelligently apply all available technologies and create one’s unique creative product.



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