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So good 19, the festival of styles


Going through the pages of issue 19 of So good becomes a unique festival in which each guest artist carries out a brilliant performance, a display of talent and creativity that explores different styles, almost as many as participating chefs. There are those who find their source of inspiration in the gastronomic culture of a country. We see it in the work of Enric Monzonis, who imbibes from classic products in Japanese pastry, such as Mochi or Kakigori, to give them a new meaning, aligned with avant-garde cuisine. Alex Stupack also redefines the culinary terms of another great culture like the Mexican one, to offer his plated proposals.

Both are renovators of restaurant desserts, a discipline that also has excellent elegant and modern expressions by the hand of Gustavo Sáez, Rhian Shellsear, or the original “canned” proposals by Christophe Adam. Pastry has ceased to be the exclusive corner reserved for those with a sweet tooth and has become a mass movement that is all the rage and that places the most popular chefs on the same level as fashion and entertainment celebrities. There they are, turned into sweet influencers, chefs like Amaury Guichon or Ksenia Penkina.

Creation by Christophe Adam
Oeufs à la neige by Christophe Adam

So Good is always in search of an updated sense of beauty and elegance in the form of dessert. That is why in this issue the performances of chefs such as Scott Green, Yann Brys, Russ Thayer, or Kirsten Tibballs can help us understand what concepts such as aesthetic renovation and minimalism have to do with pastry.

Technique and knowledge are equally essential aspects to progress professionally. Jordi Bordas and his work around new ingredients such as inulin allow us to contemplate the possibility of a pastry that does not renounce flavor, yet serves new sectors of consumers with special needs.

Creation by Jordi Bordas
Chocolate entremet Earth by Jordi Bordas (dairy and gluten free)

But this festival of styles and updating of classics goes much further, that’s why it is interesting to check out the playful character that pastry can have in the hands of figures such as Alberto Barrero, put cakes upside down with Francisco Migoya, or succumb to the seduction of Jean-Françoise Arnaud, Jerome Landrieu, Gianluca Fusto, David Wesmael, Fabrice Danniel, and many others.
Get your ticket and enjoy this festival.

Creation by Guichon
Saturn Lemon by Amaury Guichon