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Xavi Donnay

Delicate and refreshing plate creations and artisanal petit fours

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In Books For Chefs, you will find a careful selection of titles to expand your knowledge on the subject.
The book, which fills a publishing gap and reflects the brilliant work of Xavi Donnay, demonstrates that 'what is beautiful, if it is small, is twice as beautiful'.
The molds are designed to prepare recipes included in the books Bachour Buffets and Mini.
The new book, Mini by Xavi Donnay, leads the sales ranking.
The classic petit four specialties are revisited and modernized with the author’s personal seal, which demonstrates the great potential of this type of product for all kinds of current realities.
Xavi Donnay, Antonio Bachour, Yohan Ferrant, Ramón Morató, Eric Ortuño, and Paco Torreblanca need no introduction. Do you know the latest releases from our online bookstore signed by these authors?
Breads, preserves, plated desserts, a thousand versions of the Mont Blanc. There are many gastronomic possibilities for this autumn fruit.
For the pastry chef of the Lasarte restaurant, this award is a great joy and a reason to continue growing.
Gummies, "roquitas", choux, churros ... small formats, far from limiting creativity, are a motivation for great chefs.