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Japanese Pastry Chefs Archives - so good.. magazine

Masahiko Ozumi

Appearance and flavor go hand in hand in the search for a unique styleMore info

Hiroyuki Emori

Vegetables can always fit well into a dessertMore info

Akihiro Kakimoto

A combination to wow the worldMore info

Yusuke Aoki

Globe-trotting pâtissierMore info

Opera aux framboises cake with raspberry and lime by Hideki Kawamura

December 20, 2019

With the idea of ​​returning to origins and of being timeless, the owner of the pastry shop À tes souhaits! rediscovers and makes versions of classic pastry, paying special attention to taste and texture.
More info

Hideki Kawamura

Maturity with more flavorMore info

Jiro Tanaka

Admiration for ephemeral or transient things to ‘Chocolate Japanesque’More info

Hisashi Onobayashi

Nature as a source of inspirationMore info

Junichi Mitsubori

Reclaiming the new art of Kadou, inspired by Japanese tradition.More info

Yusuke Sasage

The careful respect Japan professes to the French tradition is perfectly represented in his Tokyo pastry shop, Plaisir.More info