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Akihiro Kakimoto

Since 2016, Akihiro Kahimoto sells a range of distinctive cakes containing different layers of flavors, and wedge-shaped bonbons in The Assemblages Kakimoto. A space that many days a week turns into a restaurant from 6:00 pm.

The Japanese pastry chef and cook, who took fourth place at the World Chocolate Masters 2018, is a great defender of natural flavors, so he does not use flavoring agents. Furthermore, he makes Japanese-style pastries, not imitating European counterparts, and does not follow any rules when combining ingredients. For him it is natural to use vegetables and herbs in pastry and fruits and nuts in fish dishes. In May 2019, he fulfilled one of his dreams by opening the dessert restaurant Hanare.

“I don’t know when the customers will finally eat my cakes after their purchase. I have to make them maintain the flavors for as long as possible ”

So good… magazine # 24

Featured in so good #24

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