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Hiroyuki Emori

His time at the renowned MOF patissier Franck Fresson’s French pastry shop, Fresson, taught him to work with ice cream with care, using ingredients of the highest quality, natural and fresh, that come from the collaboration with small producers with whom he shares a commitment to noble products. His initial training as a pastry chef allows him to successfully combine both disciplines, something that he would soon put into practice in the Glaciel ice cream shop. In 2012, he participated in its opening and immediately placed himself in a benchmark of ice cream creations in Japan. In 2015, he left this ice cream parlor to embark on a personal project that would finally see the light of day in 2017, Maison Givree. There he combines his two pastry and ice cream souls again to unfold an offer that has sweet and ice cream specialties alike.

Bio highlights

2015 – champion of the FIPCG World Championship of Pastry, Chocolate, and Ice Cream

2017 – Opening of Maison Givree

“When I think of the combination of ingredients, I try to find from ingredients in the same or similar colors, not only fruits, but also vegetables”

So good..magazine #25

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