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Pastry Recipes

There are plenty of pastry recipes, but only a few are sogood. In this section, we show some of the most interesting creations published in our magazine

Apple and almond croissant dough carré by Daniel Álvarez

April 26, 2019

What is poetry? In the case of puff pastry dough, these croissant dough squares filled with cream and macerated apple, at the pace of Sweet Devotion, perfectly taste of Alexandrian versesMore info

Strawberry, almond and grapefruit ‘Think Pink’ , 100% vegan and gluten free by Sarah Tibbetts

April 26, 2019

Here is one of the desserts that the Valrhona Pastry Chef proposes for consumers with allergies or who have to follow a special diet.
More info

Tarwi Bread by Luis David Valderrama

April 23, 2019

Tarwi, a legume native to the Andes mountain range, is the main ingredient of this original recipe from the Cuisine Chef of the restaurant Mil.More info

Cocoa Huatia by Luis David Valderrama, Mil Moray Restaurant

April 18, 2019

From a creamy chocolate and cocoa fruit mucilage snow, chef Luis David Valderrama surprises the clients of MIL, the restaurant of Virgilio Martínez in the Peruvian AndesMore info

La Part des Anges with Chestnuts, Grapefruit, and Whiskey by Yoann Normand

April 15, 2019

The star dessert of the winner of the last edition of the Championnat de France du Dessert in the professional category revolves around that 2% of liquid that evaporates in the production of whiskey.More info

The best of summer, preserved by Anna Bolz

April 3, 2019

Per Se pastry chef Anna Bolz combines her background in music with her culinary training to create desserts that have a beautiful rhythm all their own.More info

Pineapple green cardamom individual cake by Alexis Bouillet

March 22, 2019

Meeting the personal style of Alexis Bouillet, which, in his own words, use the minimum molds as basic support and then develop them with his own hand craft artisan skillsMore info

‘Tutti-frutti’ bar with mantecado ice cream, by Mario Masiá

March 12, 2019

What happens to a cake, a coulis, or a gel when we freeze it? Can it still be used in a frozen dessert? With Mario Masiá and his book ‘Más’, we find dozens of ideas adapted to the world of ice cream dessertsMore info

Exotic hibiscus by Jiro Tanaka

February 26, 2019

The combination of exotic fruits and chocolate is joined by an Aisan taste by hibiscus flower in this piece. More info

Black sesame, passion fruit and Maya Mountain chocolate by Lisa Vega

February 20, 2019

In this dessert, the Executive Pastry Chef at Dandelion Chocolate wanted to use the company’s 70% Maya Mountain chocolate from Belize and passion fruit, one of her favorite combinations.More info