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Chocolate Luciano García Raspberry

Chocolate and raspberry cake by Luciano García

Chocolate and raspberry cake by Luciano García

In 2023, a new and ambitious establishment capable of successfully fusing cuisine and pastry opened its doors on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. We are talking about García, chef Luciano García’s most personal project of which we give details in so good.. magazine 31.

This space of more than 700 m2 is where he presents a dynamic offer that adapts to the different times of the day and that seeks to value simplicity.

Pastry, as he himself explains, “will always have a very special strength in this space. That is why the assortment we offer is huge. We invite diners to look at the menu and to also eat at the showcase and a buffet table, with a wide variety of sweet preparations to choose from. The goal, in the future, is to offer all this through a dessert cart.”

Below we share the recipe, exclusively in, for a cake that can be tasted in García and that is composed of shortcrust pastry, milk chocolate appareil, dark chocolate cream, cocoa powder, and fresh raspberries from local organic production.