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The most popular posts on the So Good.. website in 2016

We have left 2016 behind and it is time to take stock of the contents that have caught your attention. First of all, we cannot help but thank you for the trust you place in our daily content, we are very happy to maintain such a healthy level of visits, which have also increased significantly in the last year, close to 25% more! Thousands of people enter our sections daily to get to know more about the best exponents of haute pâtisserie, the most emblematic events, the latest techniques and innovations, and many other things that make this website the natural home of every person with a professional or passionate attachment the art of sweet cuisine.

Some sections of our website receive most of the visits, particularly the recipe section, which is nothing more than a small window to the large number of creations and unpublished recipes offered in each issue of the magazine. This is the most visited section by a long shot. Behind it are the rest of the sections, with a special interest in the section of schools. Centers such as the Kiev International Culinary Academy, Alain Ducasse Education, and the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Pâtisserie top the visits to this section. Other permanent contents of the web are also your favorites, as is the case of the latest issues of the magazine, although the special compilations of recipes from # 1 to # 8 remains among the most consulted products still to date. Other spaces of the website like the section of products and tools for pastry, chefs’ careers, or the compilation of videos do not lose momentum.

Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie
Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie

The current day-to-day blog is the one that helps get a greater rotation of content and that therefore keeps you more tuned in to our dial. Star competitions such as the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie are the content of interest, and compete with lists of trends of seasonal products, such as Easter, Christmas and especially this year’s Valentine’s Day. The breath of fresh air that some chefs from Eastern Europe have brought with them have been placed as one of the top contents of the year, with Dinara Kasko and Nina Tarasova as two of its best exponents.

Interviews- people

  1. Dinara Kasko ‘Why not? Tasty and beautiful, that’s great’ (3.128 Page Views)
  2. Nina Tarasova ‘Thanks to color we imagine what taste will be in the future’ (1.834 PV)
  3. 11+3 desserts that will make you want to celebrate Valentine’s day (1.291 PV)
Dinara Kasko
Pastry chef Dinara Kasko

Opinion blog

  1. Five good reasons to be a pastry chef and one reason not to be (2.319 PV)
  2. So Good #16, it matters not where (2.068 PV)
  3. So good style, episode 15 (1.290 PV)



  1. Modern Saint Honoré by Kirsten Tibballs (2.610 PV)
  2. Signature Strawberry Charlotte by Nathaniel Reid (2.435 PV)
  3. Chocolate Framb by Shigeo Hirai (2.265 PV)
Modern Saint Honoré
Modern Saint Honoré by Kirsten Tibballs