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Five good reasons to be a pastry chef and one reason not to be

July 22, 2016
Alberto Ruiz
Five good reasons to be a pastry chef and one reason not to be

We get on the list bandwagon which is so popular on the Internet now. After checking out how training offers grow and multiply worldwide, we list five reasons to make pastry your life’s work. Being a pastry chef can be fascinating, although there is some inconvenience.

  1. Full employment. The pastry chef, as a rule, does not know unemployment. Quite the contrary. There are numerous vacancies to be covered in workshops, restaurants, and hotels. We could say therefore that it is a profession with a present and a future.
  2. Social prestige. It is no longer a job which was only inherited by children of other pastry chefs, or those who were unable or unwilling to study. It has not yet reached the level of glamour cuisine, but pastry today is rightfully recognized by society. Now, you can proudly say, “I am a pastry chef”.
  3. Universality. Pastry is fashionable worldwide, and in some countries infinitely more than in ours. That means a good pastry chef will find many doors open in Singapore, San Francisco or Qatar. Therefore, pastry allows one to travel, see the world, live experiences, and settle in the most unlikely city.
  4. Satisfaction. Brillat-Savarin already said the invention of a new recipe brings more happiness to mankind than the discovery of a new star. There are plenty of stars already. Few activities provide such gratification to others as pastry. Contributing to someone’s well-being with your work will fill you with satisfaction.
  5. Art. Pastry, in its various facets, is fertile ground to develop imagination and creativity. Some even speak of art. An ephemeral art, like Paco Torreblanca would say, but an art after all. Therefore, it is not necessary to look to painting to unleash the artist inside you. You can do this within your own craft.

However, you should not choose pastry under any circumstances if you have no passion for it. Without this essential ingredient, the many hours you have to spend and the immense sacrifices that are required will not be worth it. Five or more good reasons not to be a pastry chef could be listed, but we leave that for those who are not passionate about the craft.