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Major international chefs in Jean-Marie Auboine’s courses program

The 2016 course calendar of Jean-Marie Auboine Chocolatier arouse a lot of interest, and not only because of the importance of the guest chefs, many who are So Good collaborators, but also the varied, as well as specialized, syllabus.
Those interested in learning sweet specialties from different parts of the world may learn about Belgian pastry with Marc Ducobu, who belongs to a select group of Ambassadors of Belgian Chocolate, which he earned after winning the Le Prosper Montagnier competition; French pastry with a renovated touch with Johan Martin (second place at the Artistic Sugar Competition Lyon 2007) and Guillaume Mabilleau, and contemporary Spanish pastry with Hans Ovando (Spanish Chocolate Master 2013).

Those who want to enter the pastry competition circuit will learn tricks to be competitive in the hands of experts such as the MOF Christophe Morel, who will share recipes and tricks from his experience at the most prestigious chocolate competition in the world, the World champion Davide Malizia will teach all his techniques to create the most breathtaking sugar showpiece, and Wei Loon Tan (Coupe du Monde de La patissier 2015 ranking # 4 in the world) will give guidelines on methods to create gelatin mold, coloring and polishing of chocolate pieces, air brushing … also, Vincent Vallée will show his expertise and detailed skills used to earn the title of 2015 World Chocolate Masters Champion.

Other chefs who will visit this year’s classroom at the Auboine will be Sylvain Bortolini, American Chocolate Master 2011, who will teach a course on bonbons; the very Jean-Marie Auboine will analyze the “bean to bar”, the MOF Alain Chartier will show how to balance flavors to make delicious ice cream, gelato & frozen desserts, and the iconic Antonio Bachour who will demonstrate his distinctive desserts style.

The program is completed with modern pastry classes in summer time (Nina Tarasova), entremets & petit gateaux (Javier Guillén), innovative breakfast pastries (Peter Yuen) and Buche de Noel (Jérome Langillier).