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Manual gestures and pastry with a bite reign on our 23rd journey

The year begins once again with the arrival of a new so good, number 23, a tour of different corners of the world where to celebrate modern patisserie. Talent and creativity come together with the main objective of surprising, fascinating, and tuning in better with the public. Millimetrically precise geometry and minimalist finishes give way to manual gestures that make a difference, and make each creation a unique and unrepeatable product.

This is we can see it perfectly with the apple rose cake on the cover, by Gabriele Riva, who shares with us his latest and personal project from Tokyo, Less. But he is not the only one, David Briand has already achieved his MOF Pâtissier title with a style that was unmarked by the use of the new generation of perfectly glazed molds, and now he shows us again. A pastry that is attentive to these manual details and that enthrones baked goods to make them even more irresistible. This is what fascinates us about Luciano García‘s latest proposals in Buenos Aires, but it is also the sense that goes through the latest great book launch by Paco Torreblanca.

Profondeur by David Briand
Profondeur by David Briand

So good was born as a platform that unites chefs from all over the world with a common passion, modern pastry. And today more than ever, 23 issues later, it is in the search for originality and the claim of a local product, when these connection points are better interwoven. India is awoken by the hands of Vinesh Johny, who modernizes some classics from his rich Mithai tradition. Ross Sneddon opens the doors of a mythical hotel in Edinburgh to travel with his products to the English pastry of another era. Poland, France, and Indonesia are other destinations that become a source of inspiration for the chefs who work there.

And there is no creative journey worth its salt if it is not based on knowledge. That is why the most innovative results obtained by chefs such as Melissa Coppel, Leonardo di Carlo, or Francisco Migoya also deserve the utmost interest. An interest that does not decline if the discipline we address is  plated desserts. Whether with a purely artistic desire, as it might seem from the original proposals born in Steinbeisser, or from a more playful spirit in narrative (Elena Pérez) or in terms of flavor (Marco d’Andrea and Will Aghajanian), this discipline is claimed as the part of gastronomy which is most open to continue reinventing itself.

Modern or classic, pastry is intimately linked to moments of happiness. That is why the desire to surprise but also to culminate the surprise with a pleasant taste experience, motivates the work of many other chefs in this issue, whether they are Gregory Doyen, Paul Kennedy, Hans Ovando, or Russ Thayer, among many others.

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