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In issue 27 of so good, we continue with creativity. It is one of the indisputable engines that advances the sector, either through the discovery of new techniques or in the transformation of formats and concepts. In this issue there are those like François Perret who simply try to find his own style, who even isolates himself from social networks and from other colleagues in the sector to feel that he is walking his own path. Others like Chon Ko Wai, on the other hand, aspire to collect all the technical base and everything learned from the wide world of classic pastry and local confectionery to “improvise” something that is as unique as it is unprecedented.


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There are those who, such as Will Goldfarb (creator of the cover of the issue), receive international recognition, but whose desire is to give meaning to a local establishment that also wants to serve to strengthen a certain community. The world of cuisine dissolves the boundaries between sweet and savory at the same time that it is precisely the desserts that gain prominence in many cases, as well as in the fascinating Marble Dessert in New York.

From the heart of Paris to the eastern tip of Russia, from Montreal to Buenos Aires, the most diverse and restless pastry chefs and chocolatiers meet again on the pages of so good magazine to generously share their most personal creations, their methods to achieve excellence, and their ideas to better tune in to today’s consumer.

Of course, the latest trends and concerns in modern pastry are also reflected through the effort in the search for alternative ingredients carried out by chefs such as Javier Guillén, Paco Pérez, David Chamorro, and Fabrice Danniel from the Le Cordon Bleu team. The transparent thread that unites most of the contents of this issue is once again the unique sensitivity that the pastry trade gives to gastronomy and the art of eating well. It is something that we not only see in consecrated pastry chefs like Jiro Tanaka but even in cook chefs like Maxime Gilbert, who have approached pastry at times even without being fully aware of the elaborations and techniques from which they have borrowed.

The culmination of this unique festival of modern pastry that continues to reinvent itself with its feet on the ground, that is, with an eye on the foundations of French pastry and its tradition, this issue completes a new challenge which four chefs have successfully accepted, this time around the millefeuille.

These are the creative, stylistic, and technical exercises that we propose to you on our 27th trip. Are you ready to go through this experience with us?


Discover all the #sogood27 contents