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Will Goldfarb

Founder of the dessert restaurant Room4Dessert in New York. He lives in Bali, where he has adapted the same spirit of the restaurant

Will Goldfarb spends his time between New York, his hometown and where he founded the dessert restaurant Room4Dessert, and his current operations center in Bali (Indonesia). He has enriched his career by creating and promoting a firm of innovative ingredients (Willpowder), as well as developing several collaborations in culinary projects, all of them related to the world of desserts and gastronomy. In 2021 he has deserved the Best World Pastry Chef by the 50Best Restaurant List.

Bio Highlights

Named as one of the 10 Best Pastry Chefs in America by Pastry Art and Design

Received the Starchef ‘Rising Star’ award and earned a James Beard nomination for Best Pastry Chef in America

2021 – Best World Pastry Chef by the 50Best World Restaurant List

“We do nothing but protecting our people and protecting the community to which
we belong. Community building is everything to us. And then comes pastry”

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Featured in so good #10 and so good #27