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Fabrice Danniel

Fabrice Danniel has an extensive professional career behind him. He has gone through numerous hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants, both in France and in different countries in the Middle East. Of all of them, it might be worth highlighting the Hotel de Ville in Switzerland, under the legendary chef Girardet.

This chef, born in Antibes, has become one of the most prominent figures in the pastry teachers’ faculty at Le Cordon Bleu International. Since 2006 he has settled in Bangkok (Thailand) giving his services in the center that the prestigious school has there, although he also combines it with his work in the rest of the Asian continent and with his comings and goings to the headquarters in Paris.

“Alternative ingredients are used not to imitate exactly but to provide an alternative. This new trend in health-conscious patisseries provides an extra dimension to their flavor profile, provoking a difference in taste and textures.”

So good..magazine #27

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