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Kalingo of Spice Island by Yann Duytsche

Kalingo of Spice Island by Yann Duytsche

The renowned French master Yann Duytsche returns for a third time to the pages of So Good… magazine (so good #2, so good #9) to invite us to drink tea. And he does so through two attractive cakes whose main ingredient is infusions from two varieties of the famous Earl Grey and spiced Absolut Chai Organic. In both cases with chocolate as its companion.

This pastry chef settled in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona, Spain), where run his pastry shop, Dolç, cannot repress his teaching instinct and shows us the steps for preparing these two creations in an instructive and didactic way. Duytsche insists on the need for respecting every phase in the creation process to obtain the best end result.

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