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Matcha Yann Duytsche

Yann Duytsche’s Matcha tea and apricot ‘Pionono’ sweet snack

Yann Duytsche’s Matcha tea and apricot ‘Pionono’ sweet snack


Yann Duytsche defines this product format as “eaten in two bites”, it’s not as small as a piece of confectionery nor as big as an individual cake.They are the protagonists of one of the days in One Week with Yann Duytsche, where the chef carries out an express stage of his gastronomic pastry shop, Dolç, in Sant Cugat (Barcelona). His successful products are due to their gourmand character, their originality, and their freshness, and a good example are these “piononos” inspired by the classic made in Granada (Spain) Casa Isla.

We were inspired by the delicious piononos at Patisserie Ysla, in Granada (Spain), whose founder, Ceferino Isla González, created them back in 1897. A delicacy that travels beyond its native Andalusia.

Our pionono has a matcha green tea sponge cake, the ‘roulard’, which is rolled over an apricot coulis gelée filling. The egg-based cream that covers the top of the roll is caramelized, thus giving an extra sweet touch to this creation.


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