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The Great Wave off Kanagawa with Asian flavors and effervescent kombucha foam by Jesús Escalera

The Great Wave off Kanagawa with Asian flavors and effervescent kombucha foam by Jesús Escalera


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Jesús Escalera is one of the great promoters of pastry making in Mexico thanks to La Postrería, a successful space that he directs alongside Fernanda Covarrubias in Guadalajara and that combines training with the tasting of desserts and workshop pastry.

In this establishment they want to offer a technical, quality, and sweet pastry, which generates a sweet culture, but without falling into academic formalism that can become pedantic and scare off the diner.

As he explained to us in so good…magazine # 27, this year he is presenting a collection that is going to give a lot of scope. “Many of us have thought about what it would be like to get into a painting, that is, to travel to that place, to that time, or to that surreal moment. We take it to gastronomy and we wonder what it would be like to eat a painting. What would it taste like? I realized that the possibilities were enormous, there is as much variety in desserts as there are paintings, and even more, since each person interprets art differently”.

For this collection he was inspired by the prints that were made on rice wafers on birthday cakes a long time ago. These wafers also have a texture similar to that of a canvas. “We chose certain paintings that inspired us, and from there we started to play, either with flavors of a country or an era, or with chromaticism and taste associations that each work suggested to us. In addition, another interesting aspect of this bet is that there is no need to look for an aesthetic to the dessert, since it is already covered by the canvas. The diner only has to tear ‘the canvas’ without knowing what they are going to find.”

Below we share exclusively on the recipe for Katsushika Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” canvas. A dessert with Asian and fresh flavors with the effervescent touch of kombucha that refers to the foam of the sea.

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