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Coconut Matcha Paola Chang so good #27

Matconana cake with matcha, coconut, and banana by Paola Chang

Matconana cake with matcha, coconut, and banana by Paola Chang


Paola Chang has been directing Lab Sucré since 2015, a signature pastry shop in Buenos Aires where she hybridizes her double Argentinian and Korean culture with her training in Europe and Asia. With an eminently French European technical base, an approach to local tastes and calls for Asian ingredients and cakes are the formula for her creations.

As the chef explains in so good #27, “I try to make a less sweet, lighter pastry, with lighter sponge cakes and egg-free mousses. We have a wide variety of fruit products, and we do not use preservatives or artificial flavors”. In terms of aesthetics she says , “I am very attracted to geometry and minimalism. I try not to over-garnish too much, to be simple and let the product speak for itself”.

Below, we share exclusively on our website the recipe for her Matconana Cake, which, like the rest of the preparations presented in the magazine, “is a reflection of my character, my culture, my hybridity, and my way of expressing pastry. On the one hand, I seek simplicity in the presentations, on the other complexity in the development of each assembly, thus achieving a balance”. To do this, she plays with two tropical fruits, bananas and coconuts, which interact with a third element, matcha tea, the ingredient that ends up giving that beautiful green color to the final composition.