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November 14, 2019

The Italian chef Massimo Ferrante wins the first Panettone World Cup

November 14, 2019
Ana Rodríguez
Fabrizio Galla Gabriel Paillasson Paco Torreblanca Panettone Yann Duytsche

The Italian chef Massimo Ferrante wins the first Panettone World Cup

The Italian chef Massimo Ferrante wins the first Panettone World Cup


Ana Rodríguez

More than 4,500 people attended the I Panettone World Cup, which took place on November 8, 9 and 10 in Lugano (Switzerland).

A great international event that distributed prizes, had many collateral events, and aroused the passion of the public. The Italianchef  Massimo Ferrante, of Pasticceria Ferrante (Genova), won the Cup, the Swiss chef Marzio Monaco, of Dolce Monaco (Losone), came in second place, and the Swiss chef Luca Poncini, of Poncini Luca e Co. (Maggia), came in third place.

Gabriel Paillasson, Paco Torreblanca, the yeast specialist Giambattista Montanari, the food science expert linked to the making of bread Carlo Gronghi, ANPI pastry chef Fabrizio Galla and Marco Molinari, student of star chefs such as Alain Ducasse and Paul Bocuse, formed the jury of this event. A first edition that has been highly valued by its creator, Giuseppe Piffaretti: “in these three days a unique climate has been created, with great participation among colleagues from the world of pastry from different nations: this is the common thread of the Panettone World Cup. I thank all the teachers, finalists and everyone who has contributed to making this edition unique. Congratulations to everyone and in particular to the winners. “

This is the complete classification of the competition, which in the end had 20 participants:

  1. Massimo Ferrante (Italy)
  2. Marzio Monaco (Switzerland)
  3. Luca Poncini (Switzerland)
  4. Giovanni Ristuccia (Italy)
  5. Jordi Morelló (Spain)
  6. Yann Duytsche (Spain)
  7. Andrea Tedeschi (Italy)
  8. Bruno Andreoletti (Italy)
  9. Massimo Peruzzi (Italy)
  10. Roberto Gatti (Switzerland)
  11. Michele Berti (Italy)
  12. Nicola Turdo (Italy)
  13. Bruno Buletti (Switzerland)
  14. Oriol Balaguer (Spain)
  15. Massimiliano Lunardi (Italy)
  16. Biagio Settepani (USA)
  17. Marco Ferreira (Portugal)
  18. Franck Collas (France)
  19. Shiga Katsuei (Japan)
  20. Tatiana Coluccio (Australia)

The competition also awarded the honorary prize as Master of the Panettone 2019 to Iginio Massari, and the best public presentation award to Shiga Katsuei (Japan) and Bruno Buletti (Switzerland).

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