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Paco Torreblanca

He is one of the great master chefs of the world’s pastry in the last three decades.
Father of modern pastry.

Paco Torreblanca is one of the great master chefs of the world’s pastry in the last three decades and a highly acknowledged professional. At the age of 60, he is still in a continuous renewal, and has not shown any symptoms of creativity stagnation at all. A lot of prestigious professionals have once worked in this pastry workshop (with stores in Elda and Alicante), which has encouraged him to open his own International Escuela Torreblanca.

Nature and art with impeccable designs are his favorite sources of inspiration. His hands have taken creation in pastry to its highest point, always following a clear motto: ‘see, observe and think’. Both his style and the way he understands pastry exert great influence not only on the young generations of pastry chefs but on professionals of all ages as well. With Grubo Vilbo, he has published the books Paco Torreblanca I and II, and a book devoted to artistic sugar, ‘Collection’. He also took part in the book ‘Seven’ alongside other acknowledged professionals of Spain’s modern pastry. In 2019 he presens ‘Radix’ his particular journey to essence and tradition.

Bio Highlights

1978 – Opening of Totel

1989 – Spain’s Best Master Pastry Chef (MMAPE’89)

1990 – Europe’s Best Pastry Chef

2003 – Publication of the book ‘Paco Torreblanca’. World’s Best Pastry Book Award (Gourmand Cookbooks Awards)

2006 – Publication of the book ‘Paco Torreblanca 2’. World’s Best Pastry Book Award (Gourmand Cookbooks Awards)

2007 – Best publication award by the guide ‘Best of Gastronomy’

2008 – Publication of the book ‘Sugarworks. Collection of Sugar Pieces

2009 – Publication of the book ‘Seven’

2013 – Opening of the Escuela Torreblanca

2019 – Publication of the book ‘Radix

“It is a pastry that shows its interior without objection, without the makeup of glaze, keener on straight lines than on curves, more accostumed to a knife or an oven than to a mold or a freezer, more rough than soft, more related to chewing than just swallowing”
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