Best Magazine Of Haute Pâtissere
Mercury, by Javier Guillén

Javier Guillén put his mind to working with the best ones; not in order to repeat their recipes, but to find out how creativity came out of them and how they introduced each new creation to their customers. This is how he went through different teams, like those of Pierre Hermé, Oriol Balaguer, Willy Dufresne, El Bulli, Valrhona… We are referring to the Spanish chef Javier Guillén, a globetrotter of pastry who has just settled down (permanently?) in Brazil. ‘I had always felt attracted by the friendly people here, the countless raw materials one can find here, fruits, vegetables… and the great possibilities of development for pastry in this country’, states the chef.

He advices professionals and also the incipient high-end 100% Brazilian chocolate manufacturers which start to proliferate, visits cocoa fazendas and teaches courses in universities and schools throughout the country. Guillén is witnessing the awakening of a sector in a country with endless possibilities, ‘we’re experiencing an increase in the consumption of fine cocoas and more modern chocolate and pastry stores are opening. Something is changing here.’ However, there is something which he terribly misses (as well as his family) – gin and tonic.

Javier Guillén shares some of his creations from his 2013 collection with so good.. It is a total of 50 recipes, out of which there are 30 simple ones, with defined, accentuated flavors, but with a delicate, looked-after decoration… The remaining ones make up the ‘Rouge Collection’, inspired by that warm color widely found in nature, such as in one its most attractive fruits – the raspberry.

In these creations, a trend is observed which has already been noticed for a long time. Guillén calls it ‘back to basic’, and defines it by recalling an emblematic preparation, ‘I won’t ever forget PH’s vanilla cake… it’s just something simple, gourmand… in one word, it’s sublime.’