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Forêt Noire with Pâte à Kadaïf, confit framboise and Cherry soaked in brandy by Masahiko Ozumi

Forêt Noire with Pâte à Kadaïf, confit framboise and Cherry soaked in brandy by Masahiko Ozumi

What drove Masahiko Ozumi, one of the protagonists of so good # 25, to go to France in 2014 was not a passion for pastry-making, but soccer. After graduating from university, he went to Paris and learned French while teaching soccer for local boys. That’s what he thought he should do for a living until he discovered what pastries mean to him there. Pastry was always familiar to him since his father was the owner and pastry chef of Kent House in Osaka, Japan. There are hundreds of pastry shops in Paris, but it was Arnaud Lacroix who pushed him into the real world of pastry. He started his career as a pastry chef in the A. Lacroix, which was chosen as the best tearoom in Paris by an American magazine. The curious trainee, at the age of 23, acquired knowledge and techniques rapidly, and he became a sous chef after only a year.

After being an apprentice to Mr. Lacroix, he was going to work hard to step up as a sous chef in the starred hotel in Paris, but the COVID-19 pandemic came in the way and he had to go back home to Osaka in September. He is now 28 and still young. There are many things he dreams of doing. Currently he is the executive chef of Kent House, which his father founded, and just started his own Masahiko Ozumi Brand, which wants to be a bridge between the French and Japanese pastry cultures.

His creations are generated from reflection, a flash of intuition, and even coincidence. The idea of ​​a reconstructed Forêt Noire, a recipe that we share only on our website, struck him when he found he could make kadaif at home with a frying pan. Using chocolate kadaif as a bottom, he built a triangle structure with round windows of thin chocolate cookie and combined with whipped cream and cherries.

Photos: Noriko Carlow – Text: Reiko Matsuno